Complete Union City School Board Meeting Part One


Complete Union City School Board Meeting Part One
By Jasmine Deserae
Staff Reporter

Union City — Thursday, April 11th, the Union City School District (UCASD) assembled for their second meeting of the month. This was a regular board meeting focused on triumphs of students and faculty within the district.

The first presentation came from Mr. Prinkey, the High School’s Band Director. He honored one of his students, junior, Emily Eastman. Eastman plays nearly every brass instrument; however, her focus is the Euphonium. Mr. Prinkey calls it “her instrument for life.”

Eastman has been training hard on this instrument for years now. Throughout the years, Eastman has attended many band festivals including District Jazz Band and Regions. As a sophomore, Eastman took 2nd chair at Regions. This year, though, she defeated everyone by 35 points which inevitably gave her the 1st chair position and a shot at States.

Eastman competed at States and took 2nd place overall. Soon, she will be sending in an audition for All Nationals.

Mrs. Tomcho also recognized two High School students currently attending the Erie County Technical School (ECTS), Cheyanne Lombardozzi and Nick Kaday. Both students were commended by ECTS for their “Be Attitudes” within their courses. Lombardozzi is hevwily involved in Auto Body Repair and Kaday’s discipline is in Precision Machinery.

The second presentation centered on the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) programs. Mrs. Coleman briefly explained the 8 week after school programs to the board and community. The areas of study were split between three fields: Medical, Industry and STEM.

Mrs. Knauff made sure everything ran smoothly by completing every piece of paperwork. After Mrs. Knauff spoke with Kym Hamme, the career overseer of the TANF program, all faculty and students involved received high praise. Hamme said the work done by the UCASD should be used as her sample for other schools. She told Mrs. Knauff that she has not seen such production from other districts.

The Medical program was headed by Mrs. Mangol which consisted of six students between 9th and 11th grade. The group took field trips to The Great Lakes Institute of Technology, The Community Blood Bank, Erie Veteran’s Medical Center, Skelton Eye Care, Cambodia’s Veterinary Clinic, Brown’s Fitness and Corry Manor. Each location taught the students a different point of view in the medical field. The students also participated in lab experiments and heard from guest speakers.

Mr. Mumau and Mrs. Woods took charge of the Industry program. This year, the group partnered with one company, Parker Hannifin Corp. Despite that, the team’s educational needs and curiosities were all answered. By focusing on one company, the group was able to learn more about jobs within their own community. In the classroom, the 14 students within the industry field learned the importance and power of communication, precision and teamwork. These projects included “The Exploding Cobra,” “The Pringle’s Ring,” and creating a “Lava Lamp.”

The final program revolves around five STEM related fields. A total of 34 students were dispersed throughout the programs. First is Computer Skills and Science which Ms. Michelle Flaherty supervised. In this section, the students learned coding and the common expression of “fail and code.” At the end of their session, though, the students were able to code and build their own robots to fit their own personalities. These included robots that can rap, stop and shoot at anything in its path, and a police officer.

Another program was Rocketry with Ms. Thomas. Ms. Thomas informed the group that this was a new experience for everyone involved. The majority of the students in this program were 6th graders. These scholars first learned the anatomy of rockets before building team and individual versions. The group launched and recorded their rockets Tuesday, April 9th.

Mrs. Coleman explained the final three programs. Amusement Parks of the Past and Present was first on the list. During this process, the students learned to read blueprints, the jobs associated with this field and green technology. Their overall project was represented by a large Ferris Wheel built from Kinects.

Next, the Lego Design and Animation group. All together, there were six 2-hour sessions where the kids learned video animation. The video presented to the board and community was created, edited, filmed and produced by the students completely. Within the video, the students explained their 6-day process of building/filming The Capital Building.

The last club in the STEM category was the Equestrian Club. The goal of this program was to teach the history, safety, nutrition, veterinary care and hoof care of horses. Along with that, the students discussed the many career options surrounding horses. The team made “Equine-theme” posters which were displayed near the High School’s auditorium. These posters included drawings and research