Sweet Tea and Baby Dreams; Former UC Residents Continue Help With Theater Programs


Sweet Tea and Baby Dreams; Former UC Residents Continue Help With Theater Programs

From Ann Bergheim

Maribeth and Ellen McCarthy moved to Union City in 1990, and have loved taking part in community events ever since. They worked on shows while in high school, but came back after graduation to help with the theater program whenever they could. Their latest work is in the show Sweet Tea and Baby Dreams.

What side of the Mason-Dixon line you’re from not only determines the sweetness of your tea, it may also determine how you define the word “Family”. Sweet Tea & Baby Dreams, written and directed by the highly energetic Maribeth McCarthy with Marie Loose in the Assistant Director’s seat, is a show for anyone who has ever been to a bridal shower, wedding shower, birthday party or family reunion for that matter. Feuding in-laws, domineering mothers and clashing cultures turn the event into a comic chaos that ultimately uncovers long held sorrows and secrets.

Nora, played by Ellen McCarthy is nervously organizing a church baby shower for her sister-in-law. Nora, a northerner, hopes to ingratiate herself with her husband Quinn’s traditional Southern mother, Jubilee. Maggie’s gung ho husband Jack and his sarcastic twin siblings, Aiden and Avery arrive to help, along with Maggie’s, fun-loving friend Zee, who sneaks in bottles of wine to the dry event. Jubilee soon bursts in, with her other daughter Samantha in tow, whom she’s groomed in the ways of Southern womanhood. Jubilee immediately tries to take over, clashing with Nora over choices of decorations, food and games. When Jack and the twins’ mother, Anne, shows up, her long-held animosity for Jubilee erupts into a battle of insults and name-calling. In the aftermath, Jubilee’s three children attempt a breakthrough in their relationship with their mother.

Sweet Tea & Baby Dreams runs April 19 – 28, 2019 at the Meadville Community Theater located at 400 N. Main Street in Meadville at the Allegheny College campus. Please note that there will be no matinée performance on Sunday, April 21st. Instead, there will be both a matinée and evening performance on Saturday, April 20th. There is some mild adult language, but the play is appropriate for ages 12 and older. Ticket prices are $10 for general admission, $7.50 for students and seniors.