Two UC Student Athletes Assaulted. Video Released.


Two UC Student Athletes Assaulted. Video Released.
By Chris Lash

Millcreek Police are exploring possible charges resulting from an attack on several basketball players Saturday night at McDowell. A video of the incident was released on Your Erie, the website for JET TV 24 Action News.

A travel basketball tournament was taking place Saturday night. East Rochester came to Erie to play the Erie Elite. Rochester got beat, and afterward, the video reveals some Rochester players going after players on the local team.

The two local athletes assaulted on the video are Union City’s Miles Parker, and Bronnan Higley, who play for the Amateur Athletic Union travel team. AAU is nationwide. Union City Today has confirmed what happened from a local source. Due to possible pending charges in the incident, our source has asked for their name, not be revealed. The video shows coaches, parents, and others trying to stop the incident.

Here are the words from our source, of what happened:

“This team was trouble from the very beginning. One of them got T’d up, a minute into the game & that pretty much set the tone. The entire game was super tense. Their coach didn’t do anything to control them & the refs were intimidated by them. We ended up winning & afterwards everyone shook hands & I thought it was done. I was wrong. They waited for us to leave & then rolled up on us when we were walking out. The video doesn’t capture that because it actually started in the hallway. They chased the boys back into the gym. That’s what the start of the video is, where the little boy is yelling at them to stop. One of our players’ dad’s got punched in the mouth and had a bloody face. I’ve heard that his jaw is broken. We all just kept trying to jump in and stop them, but these psychopaths kept coming back. There were 2 mothers there with them. They did nothing to stop these boys ,but just kept walking around yelling at everyone to get off their kids. When someone yelled that the cops had been called they finally ran out. Apparently the one mom threw her keys to the boys & told them to take her car & get out of there. They tried but were cut off at the exit by police. The boys would not get out of the car to talk to police and their coach refused to provide their names to police. The police had to find a roster in order to identify them. No charges have been filed that I am aware of. Millcreek police said they would be reaching out, but no one has received a call yet. It was an absolutely terrifying experience.”

The incident is still under investigation.